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8th Grade and Homecoming dances are usually the first experience young girls have to Dress-Up. Marlene’s Dress shop promises to find the perfect dress for you! Homecoming is an integral part of the high school experience as it is a time where girls and boys regardless of their grade can dress up and feel great in their homecoming dresses and suits after the football game.

It is a semi-formal affair where students go to their main gym to dance.

Marlene’s Dress Shop wants to make sure that every girl who attends this event is able to dance in a neat, and comfortable dress but also make sure that the dress is affordable for them as well.

Homecoming dresses provided by Marlene’s Dress Shop are a little less formal and a little shorter as homecoming occurs during the fall. From sparkling and flirtatious to sexy and feminine, Marlene’s Dress Shop promises to help you find a dress that is right for you.

We chose the best styles from all the Major Designers… Sherri Hill, Scala, Faviana, Tarik Ediz, Jovani, JVN, Faviana, Ellie Wilde, and much more

We all made sure that our customers have the ability to customize their homecoming dresses in multiple colors and sizes. The great thing about these dresses is that they aren’t just for homecoming but can be worn for other school dances as well.

Does your school not have a Homecoming dance and are you attending another?

Maybe you have a semi-formal wedding to attend later that year. Our selection of homecoming dresses at Marlene’s Dress Shop are versatile in anyone’s wardrobe for any occasion.

If you don’t see the dress you are looking for on our website… We can certainly order it for you in the color you want and size you need!

Being an Authorized Retailer of all the Major Manufactures we are able to get you anything you are looking for even if it’s not listed on our site!