The Promenade dance is what every high school student looks forward to for the majority of the school year. The name “prom” comes from the word, promenade which is the parading of guests at a party. Every girl throughout their high school experience looks forward to this fun and exciting day which is why Marlene’s Dress Shop has added a variety of dresses to our prom collection.

We have over 300 dresses to choose from on our website including some of the most famous brands including Montage, Vienna, Terani, Ellie wide, Faviana, and much more. We want to make sure that each girl has a variety of options to choose from as this is a very special day for them. We want to make sure they are feeling and looking their best in their finest clothing as well. Prom may be different in every school, but with the variety of dresses in our prom category, Marlene’s Dress Shop has you covered.

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